Media Influence

The Media has influenced on the fact that stabbing is a major occurence and is increasing on a daily basis.The media has definently influenced on the number of youths carrying knives. The media also has portrayed all youths and stereotyped them as "Villains and thugs".Releases of films, publicised in the media such as Kidulthood and Adulthood has caused alot of controversey, as many people believe that films such as these are promoting violence and increasing the rates of crime in urban/rural areas. Also one could argue that it is not due to films related to crime, but also interactive video games. Most video games are violent and could be the cause of knife criume in the capital. The editor of the london paper stated "We must show young people that knives are not cool, and for that we need positive role models". The media is making more youngsters believe that there is nothing wrong with carrying a knife. This in fact is increasing the number of deaths due to stabbing incidents. With news footage of stabbings publicised on a daily basis more youngsters are getting involved in gangs. The media could be blamed for this for targeting youths who are mainly black and living in urban areas.