What are the risks involved?


The risks involved are Victims of any crime suffer a certain amount of trauma. The involvement of a weapon is likely to increase the severity of an offence and also increase the risk of serious physical harm. A threatening situation involving a weapon can escalate quickly and become violent. Weapons increase the likelihood of someone being killed, be it the intended victim or the attacker themselves.

The probability of serious injury is four and a half times greater when a knife is used to assist a crime. The risk of serious injury is more than twice as great for knife-enabled crimes than for gun-enabled crimes. 

Also the risks are that you are likely to get caught carrying a knife is greater, you can go to prison and receive a long sentence. It is also illegal to carry either knives or guns, which is an offence in it's own right. The risks in carrying a knife, increases the chance of killing innocent people. This can also including killing your own friends and even family